Comments to Council – Jan 19, 2010

In a few moments the Council will discuss the future of  Longmont’s Fair Campaign Practices Act. One suggestion put forward in the executive summary is to completely repeal  this act and revert to the State’s Fair Campaign Practices Act. At first glance this might seem reasonable – except for one small problem. The State’s Act says nothing about city elections. If the council votes to revert to the state act they will be voting for no limits on spending, no reporting of donors, no way for the people of Longmont to track the money coming into our local elections. In other words, no accountability. If these rules had been in affect during the last election we would have never known that Comcast spent $150,000 to defeat Prop C. Why would the council want to keep this valuable information from the people of Longmont?

Why would the council vote for no accountability when the latest polls show that 80% of residences support campaign finance regulations?  The current act  needs some revisions, but throwing it out altogether would be irresponsible and would clearly go against the wishes of a majority of  Longmont’s citizens.

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