How we chose our name

In response to a comment at the Times-Call blarg…er.. blog:

Wray – cute name for your new blog – are we to assume that based on the name, the writers are all just a bunch of chickens? Is this new venture a co-op…or a…wait for it…a coop?
Longmonter, Longmont, CO, 1/21/2010 9:43 AM

Now, normally I don’t talk to non-entities since I like to know who it is I’m talking to, but this is a pretty basic question and I’ll entertain the Lunatic Fringe on this occasion.

Free Range Longmont’s name came about during a discussion of all the right-wing websites that have popped (pooped?) up over the past couple of years (LongmontReport, PercyReport, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum). In particular we noticed

and we felt that the idea of chickens fighting back was actually pretty funny and the idea of ‘free range’ anything was generally pretty good, so it stuck. (side note: Mr. Rodriguez recently chided FRL for it’s use of ‘violent imagery’ – sorry sir, your Lunatic Fringe pals beat us to it long ago.)

Are we a co-op? Hell yah! We have over a dozen writers now and plan to have many more as time goes on. Don’t forget, the 28% turnout in this last election means that only 14% of the voters in Longmont approve of this council – something tells me we can get a substantial fraction of the other 86% activated and durn-right pissed off before the next election. If we can get the turnout back up into the 40% range, something tells me the Lunatic Fringe’s reign of terror will be over as quick as it started.

Are we a coop? Welllll… there are a number of ‘spring chickens’ as well as ‘seasoned hens’ and no shortage of young and old ‘roosters’ so I suppose you could call us a coop… if you’re simply looking for an insult (and it’s obvious you are).

Lastly, in response to ‘Keith H.’ (again, who the hell is this?) who claims I ‘waste the public’s time…’ you make me laugh. You’re another anonymous nobody bloviating endlessly and for all the ‘public’ knows you’re yet another avatar of Chris Rodriguez, Stephanie Baum, Richard Yale or one of the other Lunatic Fringers ‘catapulting the rhetoric’. Go fantasize while listening to Rush, it’s as close as you’ll ever get to your ideal world.

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  1. M. Douglas Wray
    January 24, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Ironic to see this on the web today:
    “They even admit to getting their site name from another website (alas, I have no connection to that one, contrary to what they may think) and the irony of how they cry about people stealing their images yet they steal one themselves from said website and post it on theirs! Somehow I doubt they got permission, but you never know.”

    LOL! Considering these same thugs stole my own image off MY personal website and subsequently had to take it down because I filed a DMCA takedown request that’s hilarious. I’d be DELIGHTED if they came forward and filed same. Oh, but that would mean revealing themselves. Whoops. Also, how can you even ASK for permission if the people running the site are ANONYMOUS? The fact this was mentioned online says much and intelligent readers can connect the dots if they haven’t already. These folks can keep trying to rewrite history but I, for one, won’t let them. Ever. They’re a stain on the history of this town and I intend to continue working to clean it off, regardless of how long it takes.

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