Main Street goes green

From the Longmont Ledger:

January 22, 2010 by Ellen Mahoney
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With much of the world focused on climate change, global warming and rising sea levels, Longmont’s Small Planet E Vehicles may be in the right business at the right time, offering alternative, cleaner and greener modes of transportation via electric cars, trucks, bikes, and scooters.

Like many people concerned about diminishing oil resources and an increasingly polluted planet, owner Tom Wilson works to find solutions to protect the changing environment.

“Fossil fuels are not only bad to use; we’re running out of them,” he says. “We’ve already used more than half of the oil that’s available and we’re on the down slope.”

Although the electric car was nearly crushed into oblivion, plug-in vehicles are making a new and sustainable comeback. Propelled by electric motors powered by rechargeable, recyclable, sealed lead acid or lithium ion batteries, the vehicles provide a cost-effective propulsion system with zero carbon-producing tailpipe emissions.

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