All Will be Watching

Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum, 2010

It didn’t go without notice that Mayor Baum backed off from earlier comments that he made about major changes to Public Invited to be Heard (PITBH). His comments were encouraging in that he promised that there is “no way we will ever try to mute the public.” However, I do have some concern because he also said that “any changes will be carefully looked at.”

So here’s the dilemma, will Mayor Baum actually NOT mute the public or will he mute them LATER after the furor has died down?

I hope the matter is settled and no changes in PITBH will occur – or other actions that would have the effect of suppressing public comment and opinion. The right, left and center of Longmont will be watching. One thing most of us do have in common is the value we place on free speech.

Unfortunately, some of Mayor Baum’s strongest cheerleaders have a demonstrated tepid value of same. That, too, has not gone unnoticed. More on that in other venues.

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