Protesting supreme insanity

It was a good day on the street last Saturday (1-21-2010). There was a demonstration in response to the Supreme Court’s bizarre ruling, which freed corporate money to influence elections as if corporations were human beings.

Six stalwarts showed up to hold signs. A young man on a skateboard stopped and wondered why we were demonstrating. He asked some intelligent questions and we had a good conversation. Another guy stopped to see what was going on and said he had just moved to Longmont from Denver. He said he had attended demonstrations at the Democratic Convention. It seems he’s one of us and may be back.

We all had a good time; lots of fresh air, conversation and a good photographer; quite a dynamic mix.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the Supreme Court would behave in such a fashion. Republican presidents appointed six of the nine Supreme Court justices and five of them voted against the people and for the corporations. Our Enthusiasm comes and goes, but the danger lingers on.

The good new is that more and more people are catching on to the fact that corporate power is THE basic danger we face. The question is, what can we do about it? We need to have a public discussion on this matter, but allow me to offer a few suggestions. We can stop buying crap we don’t need; we can grow some of our own food. Everything we don’t buy is money that the corporations don’t get. It’s our money unless we give it to them. Then it’s their money, and they use it to screw us. That does not compute.

We can become the media. Standing on the corner with informative signs is a type of media with no advertisement, and almost no cost. If there is any independent media around, support them, Viz Magazine and Free Range Longmont, for example. Use public transportation and ride bicycles. If you can save a teaspoon of gas, do it. Drive like an old granny. It’s good for the environment.

You already know all these things. We should all be lying awake at night trying to come up with creative ways to add to this list. My personal fantasy is that we could all agree on one corporation (like Coke) and boycott them until they squeak.

So, let’s put our collective heads together and come up with some useful ideas. Meanwhile, support a constitutional amendment to ban corporate personhood.

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