So nice…

They are good people, God-fearing, patriarchal, mostly conservative, and on questions of authority, ask, “What does the Bible say?”  Who are these good folk, and why should they concern the residents of Northern Colorado?

They are LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, Johnstown and Frederick, and Rocky Mountain Christian Church of Niwot and Frederick. They are supported by several thousand members, and many powerful and wealthy people in Longmont and surrounding areas as well as Longmont’s only newspaper.

They continue to support a growing influence on local politics as evidenced by the recent city elections in Longmont.  They have recently won a million dollar lawsuit against Boulder County to expand their church in Niwot.  They will be building a small Christian city just east of Longmont.

They will be supporting a major Christian rock festival that by their own estimates, could bring tens of thousands of Christians to Union Reservoir in Longmont, on July 31 of this year.


They are Dominionists, seeking influence or control over secular civil government through political action—aiming either at a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of Bibical Law.

And so?

They will be fruitfull and multiply, embracing unlimited growth, enriching their developers, and destroying open space.

They will teach their children Christian values, history, and science in Christian schools, or at home.  Public schools with a “liberal agenda,” will wither on the vine.

They will pass laws that will endanger or destroy the rights of those who hold to secular values and lifestyles.  They are relentless in their quest for a shining city on a hill.  Best of all, it’s tax free.

Think it can’t happen in Boulder as it is beginning to in Niwot and Longmont?  Look no further south than Colorado Springs, the Evangelical Vatican.

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