Who let the dogs out?

Recent articles in the Denver Post and Gazette Telegraph talk about the growing problem that packs of wild dogs are having on citizens just east of Colorado Springs.  Seems anyone from school children to delivery drivers fear for their safety as packs as large as a hundred strays roam the countryside at will.

And that’s not all..

Last Sunday, The Denver Post highlighted the tax and infrastructure problems that continue to plague Colorado Springs.  As a result, the city is making deep cuts that will further trim the police and fire services in town. El Paso County sheriffs deputies  are short staffed and the County Humane society is under funded.  Fearful citizens have little recourse in dealing with dog attacks, let alone crime in the city.

The Post article goes on to say that  the Springs will turn off street lights to save money.  Park lawns will be allowed to turn brown this summer.  Trash cans in city parks will be removed.  Residents will be urged to pack out their own trash. Citizens are urged to bring out their own lawnmowers to cut grass in the common boulevards. Museums and other cultural services will be shut down.

Damaged roads will be allowed  to go without repair and on, and on, and on.  Sure, all municipalities are facing tough times, but really, turning off street lights?

I lived in the Springs, and left in 1990 when the population for the county was hovering at about 400,000.  The population is now about 600,000.  If you travel east and north of town, you see endless cookie cutter developments housing many of the new residents.  The tax base is there, but old conservative attitudes from the Springs military underpinnings are further fueled by the huge anti-tax Evangelical influx in the last twenty years.  Don’t forget, Doug Bruce lives there too. This didn’t just happen, it has been years in the making.

The Springs is turning into a pit.  It’s eastern developments look allot like the developments east if I-25 in Weld County.  No character, and probably the next ghetto in about twenty years.  The Northern Black Forest area in El Paso County is nice, but that’s where many Evangelicals, including many Focus on the Family members live.

Check out the home page for New Life Church and you see that they have over two dozen paid ministers.  Many of them live in the Black Forest area, and in very nice homes…As I write this, Focus on the Family is highlighting it’s million dollar ads on the Super Bowl to present it’s point of view.  I’m sure the poorer residents of Colorado Springs could use that money to light their streets at night.

I’m chewing on an old bone here, but Lifebridge, Rocky Mountain Christian, and the coming Heaven Fest are developments we cannot afford.  These are dogs the citizens of boulder county should keep penned up!

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