What’s behind this curtain?

Scott Gessler - Longmont 2/10/2010

Scott Gessler – remember that guy??

  • Lead attorney in the lawsuit against the City of Longmont over Fair Campaign Practices.
  • Registered agent for the Montana organization Western Tradition Partnership, lead plaintiff in that lawsuit and financier of Longmont Leadership and its trash politics.
  • Registered agent for Coloradans for Economic Development.
    • Chief financier of another committee supporting The Baum Squad.
    • Referred by Colorado Ethics Watch to the IRS for political activities not allowed under federal 501c4 statutes.
  • Paid $68,500 by Longmont taxpayers to settle unnecessary lawsuit.

NOW he’s holding a fundraiser in Longmont to raise money for his campaign for Colorado Secretary of State.

Ken Blackwell – remember that guy??

  • Secretary of State  (Chief Elections Officer) – Ohio – 2004.
  • Honorary (!) Co-chair for Committee to re-elect George W. Bush 2004
  • Rigged votes for “W”.
  • Four more years to create the current economic chaos.

Coalition for a Conservative Majority – who are they??

  • Formed by Tom DeLay (former boss of current Longmont city council member Gabe Santos) and Ken Blackwell (see above).
  • Objective – foment Second American Revolution.
  • Objective – insure that the unique American dictatorship made up of Theocrats and business fascists.
  • Requires application for secret membership just like the Council for National Policy.

Wanna bet Scott Gessler is not a charter member??

Wanna bet Scott Gessler won’t be Colorado’s Ken Blackwell??

Didn’t think so.  Those bets would cost you more than money.  They would cost you your Representative Democracy.

(Darn, I forgot, these guys don’t like that idea.  What idea??   DEMOCRACY.)

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