Transparent motives

JimmyJ comments about the Times-Call as seen from Firestone:

Good job Times-Call. You do know how to have an effect on an election and bully your way around. Auer’s re-election is in a few short months. I saw you do this with the previous mayor too. You start out subtly and try to put the mayor in the most negative light, charge him with not getting along with his neighbors, print the most unflattering picture you have of him, and let your lemmings do the rest-of course you will use letters to the editor to your benefit and refuse to print some and focus on others. Your MO is predictable but don’t see it working. You couldn’t get the last mayor out and doubt if you will be able to remove Auer either.

JimmyJ, Firestone, CO, 2/15/2010 8:10 AM

JimmyJ, you’ve nailed it in your post about the Times-Call.  Actually, the Times-Call did get rid of Longmont’s Mayor Roger Lange.  Perhaps you were talking about a Firestone election prior to 2008 when an incumbent was running.  It’s good to know that even some folks in Firestone see the light – at least where the Times-Call is concerned.

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