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The City of Longmont in its e-news for Friday, March 12, 2010 informs Longmont residents that Google is looking for a community to launch its experiment to bring better and faster Internet access to everyone. They want to partner with a community to test ultra-high speed (over 1 gigabit per second) fiber-to-the-home broadband networks.

Nominate Longmont. We are the best choice for Google and the benefit to our community is enormous.

You can help our community from now until Friday, March 26, 2010,

Visit and follow the process. It will take little of your time and your community will see renewed prosperity if we are successful in this public-private partnership. This map shows the location of people that have signed.

Since 1997 Longmont has been looking for a business partner to supplement our existing eighteen-mile fiber-optic ring.

Brandon Shaffer, Longmont’s state senator and president of the Colorado Senate, has written to Google on our behalf.  His letter outlines many of the reasons why Longmont should be the #1 choice for this partnership.

Adobe Acrobat PDF of Senator Shaffer’s letter

(text of letter follows)

March 11, 2010

Google Broadband Network Trial Location Selection Team

Dear Google:

I would like to take a moment of your time to share my support of the City of Longmont’s application to be selected as a Google Broadband network trial location. I believe that there simply is no better location for Google to build its first open access fiber to the home, ultra-high speed broadband network than my hometown of Longmont, Colorado.

I know Google is looking for a community where a fiber-based system can be deployed quickly and efficiently and Longmont certainly meets the test.
Longmont owns an 18-mile fiber-optic ring with the capability of bringing high-speed fiber optics based telecommunications into every home and business in Longmont. Google will have a head start on infrastructure if it chooses Longmont as a municipal partner.

In addition to this ring, the City also owns its electric utility, Longmont Power & Communications (LPC). LPC provides extremely reliable electrical energy at the lowest rates in Colorado and maintains the city-owned fiber optic ring that is connected to each of its electrical substations and other facilities, providing tremendous capacity for future applications including smart grid. Longmont would be a “one-stop shop” that could provide Google not only access to the electrical distribution infrastructure and the fiber optic ring, but other City infrastructure and assistance with permitting and rights of way issues – a partnership that could not be beat. As if that weren’t enough reason, Longmont already has in place a robust citywide Wi-Fi system that uses the City’s fiber optic ring as its backbone that could be a test bed for new wireless applications.

I know that Google is very focused on implementing fiber for residential use, but you should know that the City’s hospital, libraries, school district and many municipal services are currently benefitting from this fiber backbone and a partnership with Google multiplies the endless number of applications that can really tie a community together.

Longmont is fortunate to have some of the highest concentrations of high-tech employees per capita in the United States. Home to companies such as Seagate, Western Digital and DigitalGlobe, a Google business partner, we are located between two major universities (Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder). Longmont has a population of just over 80,000 – not too large that it would be unmanageable but not too small to test a robust new system.

With the incredible mountain views, high quality of life, being one of Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live and an All America City, I believe that Longmont, Colorado, is your best choice to locate and partner with to create the shared vision of providing ultra high-speed broadband to the home. I thank you for your time and consideration of Longmont, Colorado, and speak not only as a representative of my district but as an excited resident.

Brandon Shaffer
President, Colorado Senate

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