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It’s about time some of these issues got dealt with. – mdw

From BoulderBlueLine.org:

Boulder Gives Birth to Senate Bill on Mobile Home Dwellers’ Rights

Mobile Home parks – have you thought about who lives in them? Have you considered what contribution they make to low income housing in Boulder and beyond? Have stereotypes blocked much thought about them? The answer for the City of Boulder is yes – we have thought about them and we are willing to bust through stereotypes and take action. Boulder has spearheaded an effort to update the antiquated and feudal situation in mobile home parks in Colorado and to balance more equitably the rights of mobile home owners and owners of mobile home parks. Why is this important? Well, because mobile homes are not mobile despite their name. Most never move more than once from factory to site and the ownership and equity then become critical with a privately owned home on top of separately owned land.

It’s all about power, folks. -mdw

It is a bit heart rending to realize that Senate Bill 10-156 includes things that are basic rights for most Colorado residents:  the right to consistent delivery of utilities and water and the right to gather in open spaces in the park.  A future bill to build upon SB 10-156 could include:  1) limits on pad rents (which is not the same as ordinary rent control), a provision that more than 30 other states have in their current laws.  This provision would address the “conflict of ownership” issue that is similar to that of condo ownership on rented land; and 2) it could meet the nationwide tend towards resident owned trailer parks.   Seventeen states have specific laws providing residents with an “opportunity to buy” their mobile home park if the landlord decides to put the park up for sale.

Exactly right. I’m very curious to hear what all the ‘property rights’ wingers have to say on this. My bet: nothing except a soft water-dripping sound.

Watch the big-money interests go absolutely insane fighting this.

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