Stripping away the coverup

The recent revelation that the GOP has spent money in what some would call ‘odd’ ways (thousands of dollars in a bar/club, $18K for an office redecoration, over $18K for ‘trinkets’) will come as no surprise to supporters of the Republican Party. These are typical expenses for normal run-of-the-mill activities.

Lets face it, being a ‘pillar of the community’ and a holder of ‘the moral compass’ is hard work and good people doing hard work need some R&R now and then.

I mean, take a look at this place (Google StreetView) – how could you possibly think anything unsavory was going on there? It’s obviously a very sedate bar – painted in the purest of Puritan black – why, Amish people likely go there.

I think once again the liberal media is attacking the GOP for perfectly normal behavior.