Shame on the Times-Call

Note – material edited out by the Times-Call has been bolded.

It’s hard to figure out just where to begin when evaluating Sunday’s Guest Opinion “Some on left…”.  All-in-all, it was a scream against perceived insults from unidentified sources and managed to insult perhaps 50% of those in Longmont who registered “Democrat” to say nothing of those of moderate opinion who registered otherwise.

To suggest that Councillor Santos was racially slurred by a radio commentator who noted that Santos once worked for Tom DeLay places the author at the extreme edge of rational thinking. An earlier Opinion by (assumed “leftist”) Tom deMers was attacked because he wondered aloud what many silently think about Glen Beck and his twisted take on Christianity. Google “KKK” and then decide if Beck might not be welcome to their membership.

All of this ranting underpinned the main thrust of the article; a perceived “Progressive” had somewhere, somehow cast a racial slur on the author, thus demonstrating once and for all that every Progressive (read “Democrat”) was a racist. Meanwhile, the author defends the Tea Party led protest during which Rep. John Lewis was (“unverified”) spat upon. Not mentioned; Lewis and two other black members of the house were called “Niggers” and openly gay Rep. Frank was called “Faggot”. By the way, the spitting incident was confirmed by one of the Representative’s spokesmen. (Source: Fox News).

So just what is going on here? Exactly who is served, what civility upheld, what standard of decency observed when a major community newspaper gives space and ink to such tripe?

Ugly distortions and self-serving rants are protected by the First Amendment- no debate required. However, “Editorial discretion” in a privately owned newspaper trumps free speech and was sadly missing in this instance. Shame on the author; shame on the Times-Call.

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