Fiorina’s Fantasies

Carly was a hot chick – and she knew it – even her name was cool. She’d climbed the corporate ladder slimy rung by slimy rung till she reached the climax of her career: C…E…O. But she kept blowing it and soon she was in hot water with the Board. That grizzled group of grimfaced geriatrics weren’t buying Carly’s happytalk and the employees weren’t following her. They told her to straighten up or else. And the word got out – “honeymoon’s over.” Hell hath no fury like someone without skin when “injured”, as another skinless politician who shall remain nameless would concur. Carly was furious! DUNN!! Find that S.O.B.! I don’t care what you have to do to take him down! DO IT! I’m tough! Nobody screws with me! And then she packed to leave… leaving just one bag for Dunn to hold.

Ah Carly. All that hard work, all those years of sucking up and swallowing crap from the Old Boys – poof… gone in a moment.

And worst of all… everyone remembers. You didn’t just screw one or two people – you raped a company and left it gibbering on the marketplace floor. No one’s going to forget you or forgive the mess you made of HP.

Running for office? Is your ego really that big? Impressive.

You’re still tough I’m sure, but I doubt you’re tough enough for that road. Happy motoring – your mileage may vary.

Oh, by the way, your efforts to expand the H-1B visa program screwed Colorado but good. Don’t think for an instant the Californians are going to forget that… or forgive it.

Special hat tip to Say It Ain’t So Already for bringing this to my attention.

Update – new YouTube video about Fiorina:

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