Ronnie not Ulysses

Why do GOP Congressmen keep pushing for Reagan’s face on the $50 bill?

They seem dead-set on getting rid of Grant’s face. Such determination is always indicative with people so I did some research and the reasons just jump right out:

He was a Methodist. You know, those people that don’t like wars. Yet he served. Damn him! Made it to General of the Union army. Reagan had the good sense to be nearsighted and avoid all combat duty yet made it all the way to Captain. *cough*

He could actually ride a horse. Both men were in the Cavalry but there the similarity ends. While at West Point Grant set a record for horse jumping that stood for 25 years.

He opposed opportunistic wars. His opinion about the Mexican-American War was that it was unjust. Period. He spoke his mind but did his duty. Well, at least Reagan always spoke his mind

He drank too much. Persistent rumors followed Grant throughout his career. Reagan was part of the New Temperance Movement.

He believed in peace. “Let us have peace” was his presidential campaign slogan. Reagan was quoted as saying in 1984: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” The Soviet Far East Army was placed on alert after word of the statement got out, and that the alert was not withdrawn until 30 minutes later. Congressman Michael Barnes (D-Md.) confirmed that information with then Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.[2]

He stopped the Confederates. Bottom line, he was the pivotal man that ultimately stopped the loons that nearly shattered our country.

So I can see why the current GOP congressional minority would want to get Grant’s face off the $50 – since that’s likely the smallest bill they ever carry they’re forced to look at the face of a Republican (a Radical at that) that underlines how far they’ve strayed from their values.

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