Clean up Colorado Elections

6269.61Volunteers are collecting signatures to get publicly financed elections for Colorado state offices.  Ballot Initiative #53 gets Big $$ out of politics, and restores democracy and voter confidence. If passed, candidates for the Colorado legislature and statewide offices will have the option of accepting public funds for their campaigns.  In exchange candidates agree not to use or accept private, corporate or special interest money. This measure will change the way government works in Colorado!

Candidates who voluntarily chose public funding can focus on issues.  When elected, these public servants will be free to represent everyone—not just the special interests that funded them. Anyone can consider running for office if it’s not all about the money chase.  Initiative #53 is truly a game changer.

More volunteers are needed to collect signatures to meet the July  deadline. This effort will dramatically increase democracy in our state. To find out how to get involved, go to

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