Is there a bias? You tell me.

Thanks to organizations like we can easily identify political contribution patterns – exactly the kind of transparency touted so often by Longmont’s conservative faction.

I did a search for the name ‘Lehman’ in ‘Longmont’ – the results are summarized as follows.

The data goes back to November 1989.

The chart below shows totals from 1996 forward – does it look to you like perhaps the owner of the Times-Call really wanted George W. Bush to win? Sure does to me. Interesting that the largesse dropped off sharply and hasn’t ascended those heights since, one has to wonder why.


Interesting collection of ’causes’ – lots and lots of money to the national GOP but not nearly so much to the state organization, apparently Mr. Wadhams isn’t quite as charismatic as some would believe (or pray).

Colorado Republican Campaign Cmte$30,450
Republican National Cmte (R)$27,100
National Republican = Congressional Cmte (R)$19,707
New Republican Majority Fund (R)$6,000
National Republican Senatorial Cmte (R)$3,480
Volunteer PAC (R)$2,000
Its My Party Too PAC$1,750
Stop Union Political Abuse$1,100
RNC/Repub National State Elections Cmte$1,000
Republican Central Cmte of South Dakota (R)$1,000
National Right to Work Cmte$1,000
CRC Victory ’90$1,000
ConAgra Inc$300
Heartland Values PAC (R)$250
American Conservative Union$250
Conservative Leadership PAC$200
Total donations to GOP causes 1989-2008$96,587

They say you can judge a person by the company they keep – the following table highlights some of the candidate contributions from 1989 to 2008.

Wow, the Lehmans really love them some Tancredo… and Bush… (in that order too, sorry Dubya…) but not so much ‘Both Ways Bob‘ Beauprez… or Marilyn Musgrave – and look how far down you have to go to find the ‘Maverick.’ OUCH – that says volumes about the lack of confidence. All in all it’s a whos-who of the Republican party, right down to ‘wide stance’ Larry Craig (no one was more shocked than I!)

Apparently the Times-Call ownership never (ever) met a GOP candidate they didn’t like. This well apparently never runs dry.

There are some Democratic candidates in the data – Jay Fawcett and Mark Udall, each getting a whopping $250… once.

Kind of a tiny fig leaf in my opinion… but perhaps adequate.

Tancredo, Tom (R)$9,500
Bush, George W (R)$8,000
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (R)$6,400
Robinson, Shannon A (R)$6,000
Beauprez, Bob (R)$4,750
Thune, John (R)$4,500
Brown, Hank (R)$4,400
Allard, Wayne (R)$4,110
Musgrave, Marilyn (R)$4,000
Schaffer, Bob (R)$3,250
Greenlee, Robert D (R)$2,900
O’Donnell, Rick (R)$2,750
Coffman, Mike (R)$2,500
Hume, Sandy (R)$2,200
Lazio, Rick A (R)$2,000
Dole, Elizabeth (R)$1,950
Romney, Mitt (R)$1,750
Bush, George (R)$1,500
McInnis, Scott (R)$1,500
Giuliani, Rudolph W (R)$1,250
Chase, Ken (R)$1,000
Federer, Bill (R)$950
Walcher, Greg (R)$800
Coors, Peter (R)$750
McCain, John (R)$750
Dole, Bob (R)$750
Considine, Terrence M (R)$750
Cox, Carolyn S (R)$500
Craig, Larry (R)$500
Tipton, Scott (R)$500
Burr, Richard (R)$500
Norton, Gale Ann (R)$350
Fawcett, Jay (D)$250
Klayman, Larry E (R)$250
Kyl, Jon (R)$250
Rippy, Gregg (R)$250
Santorum, Rick (R)$250
Sununu, John E (R)$250
Udall, Mark (D)$250
Vitter, David (R)$250
Pirro, Jeanine (R)$200
Total donations to GOP candidates 1989-2008$85,260