Council Member Levison: Standing strong for honest elections

Council member Sarah Levison has come under attack. Why? Because she is standing up for transparent campaigns and elections.

If you care about the integrity of Longmont elections, you will want to support and follow this tenacious and principled lady who stands a diminutive five foot two. But when it comes to protecting and promoting the interests of Longmont, Sarah Levison stands head and shoulders above the rest.

She is not in the pocket of the likes of Comcast, Walmart or Western Tradition Partnerships. She understands the importance of big business and can and does work with them, but not at the expense of Longmont’s interests, your interests!

She stands up for the small business person and the average citizen who believes that frugal, responsible, intelligent government can serve all of the people for the betterment of all, but only if we create that kind of government. And Sarah works hard, to create good government.

She worked with Gabe Santos and a citizens group made up of Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats and Unaffiliateds to craft Longmont’s Fair Campaign Practices Act. It basically required financial disclosure. Who spent what where.

It had nothing to do with stopping freedom of speech as was knowingly falsely charged. Big out-of-state money didn’t like that little ole Longmont had the nerve to require financial election transparency. So they along with the likes of Scott Gessler, now running for Secretary of State, sued the city before the election.

They ran up a big bill. The newly elected Council settled the lawsuit, paid lawyer Gessler’s fees and agreed to change 19 words in the Fair Campaign Act. Pretty picky. Now the new majority is gutting our election transparency law. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Sarah, keep protecting us. And thanks for taking the heat for us all.

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