Is there a pattern here?

There are the interests of big money and there are the interests of informed citizens.  Chris Rodriguez writes for big money.  Of course he doesn’t say so; that would be too obvious.  His latest rant is about Shari Malloy and the petition for clean campaigns.

The clean campaigns petition is about publicly funded elections.  A candidate can voluntarily choose to use public funding, and if so, cannot use money from other sources, like big oil.  Voters would be able to tell the difference because there will be a statement beneath the candidate’s name on the ballot stating that he or she used public funding, and chose not to accept corporate contributions.  The idea is to diminish the impact of corporations in state elections.

Just a few days ago Chris attacked Sarah Levison and the fair campaign practices act.  Is there a pattern here?

Longmont is a swing city, in a swing congressional district, in a swing state; thus the attention from rich and powerful businesses.  Elections are one way the people can have a voice.  A transparent election process and clear, non-emotional messages make for good decision-making by the people.  That is the purpose of the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act.  It is also the purpose of the publicly funded elections.  We need to support both ideas.  The members of the city council who do not support the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act are not serving in the interests of the people.  Only those who are serving the interest of the rich and powerful are against these two ideas.

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