Baum Squad seeks to silence opposing views

Letter to the Editor, Times-Call, 6/11/2010

Mayor Baum mocks Longmont voters

Sara Levison had to publicly apologize for hurting Councilman Sammoury’s feelings at the last Council Meeting. According to Mr. Sammoury it was the lack of facts in a Times-Call opinion article that got his shorts in a knot and forced him to want to revisit the resolution of support.

The real issue is control, and which group has the power to promote and enforce their agenda. Mr. Sammoury used the Levison article in the Times-Call to justify his personal opposition to the views of Sara Levison. He simply needed an excuse to punish Sara Levison for her candor in the Times –Call article. Facts are only necessary if they support your agenda and speaking honestly to the public isn’t always a virtue in politics.

This whole issue escalated because of another of Mr. Rodriquez’s (The Rush Limbaugh of Longmont) inflammatory guest opinion articles. Rodriquez has probably done more to polarize politics in Longmont than any other single person.

Mr. Santos and Mayor Baum didn’t even bother giving reasons for their opposition of support for Sara Levison. To anyone who follows local politics at all, it is no secret that they resent opposing views. But it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to read between the lines.

Some credit should be given to Katie Witt for actually doing the right thing and voting for support, but as she stated; this resolution of support isn’t that big a deal anyway. It has been blown way out of proportion. The positions of Santos and Baum are rather petty and mean-spirited, but their intent is to limit and undermine the influence of someone with opposing views.

Ultimately this isn’t about Sara Levison, it is about an attempt to control discourse by a powerful and arrogant few. And it should be the duty of the public to remember this incident come election time.

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