Stopping the Sockpuppets

Bush called it catapulting the propaganda

Multiple personality disorder is apparently rampant in the right-wing blogosphere

Several local websites have been overwhelmed with a flood of anonymous comments or spurious registrations.

The Boulder Daily ran an article about model planes being restricted at the airport and there were suddenly dozens of comments, most in the same timeframe. One of them, “NextVoiceUHear” is very possibly Dan Martin, teabagger candidate for Boulder County Clerk. Why does he feel a need to wear a mask to attack Boulder? Could it be that he might lose votes from a town he’s bashing? How heroic.

ColoradoPols reported an effort to skew the poll to select their next front page editor. They reported:

UPDATE: Multiple new accounts have been registered in the last few hours. A large number of them have been traced back to one of the candidates for this election. The user “triguardian” has been banned from Colorado Pols, and is disqualified (obviously) from this election. We are closely monitoring new accounts today as we have during prior elections, please don’t bother trying this.

Bush called it catapulting the propaganda

Traced back? I wonder how? Could it possibly be their IP address? Darn that internet! Funny how right-wingers claim they can track who’s visiting their sites… how could they do that? Via IP address? Why! That’s terrorism! And… and… (clutch pearls) they’re busted. yeah.

The Longmont Times-Call’s website has been a thick, gooey slurry of hate comments coming from a group of commenters that never seem to get banned, regardless of how many times they violate the rules.

During an email exchange with staff this fact popped out:

Bush called it catapulting the propaganda

If we agree with the abuse report it goes on their total and if their posts are taken down more than 3 times we block them. Of course that doesn’t stop them from coming right back with a different address, as many of them have. (emphasis FRL)

Paula Aven Gladych
Internet Manager/Web Editor
Longmont Times-Call

Free Range Longmont has been kept free of this kind of abuse by controlling registration and pre-moderation, which the Times-Call refuses to do, claiming lack of manpower.

Bush called it catapulting the propaganda

I think it’s more of a lack of willpower than manpower.

Progressives won the last election by using the internet and activating millions of new volunteers and ultimately new voters.

Conservatives, stuck with a base that’s largely computer-illiterate or compu-phobic have clearly gone the route of dishonesty to increase their apparent numbers.

If someone is too cowardly to put their own name on a statement, by definition said statement should carry less weight. Far less if they’re a known agent for smear and slime, like the ever-increasing number of ‘outlets’ being created by the far right hard-core partisan Longmont Lunatic Fringe.

Others are seeing this trend clearly too – one article (ironically by an author dubbed ‘anonymous’) has this to say:

Conservatives now live in the political-party equivalent of Mad Max. Law and order inside the Republican Party has deteriorated, leaving regional warlords to scavenge over what’s left. The trouble is that some of the regional warlords are nuts or crooks. Among the better-known scavengers is Eric Odom’s Tea Party-related PAC, Liberty First, which I believe will be able to raise and spend millions this fall.


Bush called it catapulting the propaganda

Keep that in mind during the next election and make sure the voices you’re hearing are real, not just echoes of the mad gibbering inside a wingnut’s head.

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