Longmont Mayor Backstabs Community

Prefers Teabaggers to Council Member

Where people display questionable motives and intimidating communication to win arguments, display power and/or belittle others.

Elections are supposed to represent the will of the people.  However, if you accept this premise, then it would be necessary to conclude that the people of Longmont are suffering from a pronounced case of arrested development.  Is this the case or were the voters in Longmont hoodwinked?

Mayor Bryan Baum demonstrated today that he has not matured beyond the level of a junior high student, one with major character flaws at that.  Beyond immaturity, Baum demonstrated that he is one of the most vindictive members of the Longmont community.  The man dishonors and humiliates the City of Longmont at every opportunity.

This week the Colorado Municipal League (CML) meets in Breckenridge for its annual meeting to cover a number of areas important in the conduct of municipal governance.  As part of the agenda, each year the CML elects a certain number to its Board of Directors.  Amongst this year’s candidates was Longmont Council Member Sarah Levison.

When it came time to cast votes, Baum along with his accomplices, refused to cast votes in support of their fellow colleague.  A well-placed anonymous source revealed that when questioned about his lack of decency, Mayor Baum replied, “I’m not voting for her and you can’t make me.

“You can’t make me!” How many times have we as parents heard that from recalcitrant children who refused to behave properly?  While we all know that we can lead the proverbial horse to water but we can’t make it drink, as parents we have options.  We can call a time out.  We can deprive the child of something of value to him.  We can inflict a variety of punishment measures, especially if the behavior is egregious and persistent.

Mayor Baum and Council Members Gabe Santos and Alex Sammoury revealed the depths to which they would sink in recent city council meetings over the Resolution to endorse Council Member Levison in her bid to sit on the CML Board.  Even Council Member Katie Witt cautioned about the long-run implications of this food fight instigated by Baum and Santos and carried to its extreme by Sammoury.

This year’s CML conference began on Tuesday.  Fortuitously or serendipitously, early in the conference agenda was a session on “learning to face conflict in new and effective ways.” The material presented four environments that describe methods of conflict resolution.  It’s astonishing that the method that our current majority leadership follows precisely the “Harsh –Light” environment.

“Harsh-Light Environment”

Where people display questionable motives and intimidating communication to win arguments, display power and/or belittle others.

+ Debate +Questionable motives +Back-stabbing +Defensiveness

The CML Bylaws allow for member municipalities to cast votes in all of the three categories defined by population size.  Sources report that Mayor Baum chose to vote for every candidate that displays a “teabagger” mentality over intelligent, learned and dedicated public servants like Ms. Levison.

Evidence of collusion amongst Baum and others was in evidence up until the final votes were cast.  Apparently the deplorable behavior of our mayor even delayed the conclusion of voting for a period of time.

Mayor Baum, you do not  “play well with others” and you are in desperate need of an intervention.  Cease and desist, Mayor Baum.  You were not elected as “God”.  You were not elected as “King”.  And your dictatorial behavior has no place in a representative democracy.

The level of Voter Remorse is growing exponentially.  The community has only so much patience.  Your role as mayor is not a lifetime appointment.  Sooner or later you will be voted out of office.

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  1. Duane Leise
    June 26, 2010 at 10:59 am

    It should be remembered that the person who really started the anti-Sarah ball rolling was Gabe Santos who went out of his way to remove Sarah’s support resolution from the council’s consent agenda. The support of Sarah was considered by the city manager as merely perfunctory and thus put on the consent agenda vote. Why would Gabe Santos do this? Could it be that Sarah Levison beat him fair and square for the at large seat that he was running for. It is obvious that Gabe Santos is “more than sour grapes – out and out vindictive hostility”. And this Santos character is Baum’s right hand man. Longmont, is this really how you want the town to operate – by vendetta?

    Before Sarah was on council she worked tirelessly for causes around Longmont. The East Side Historical Neighborhood knows her for her long and hard work. And many many more know Sarah as someone who worked hard to help other Longmont citizens and neighborhoods with various problems. Sarah is “THE” most well researched and knowledgeable person on council. Even ask Katie Witt, who is not ideologically aligned with Sarah. Who is the best researched and knowledgeable council person – she will answer ‘Sarah Levison’.

    What Baum, Santos and Sammoury are doing is nothing short of a vendetta. Why? Because Sarah beat Gabe Santos and she is the strongest most knowledgeable person on council. She stands in the way of Santos, Baum and Sammoury from riding roughshod over Longmont. Selling off open space, bringing in large rock concerts at environmentally sensitive areas, gutting fair campaign practices, putting our elections in the dark of secrecy so that big money can buy their way into office in Longmont. Wake up Longmont. You have a champion in Sarah Levison. Levison is for Longmont. Levison is on your side.

  2. anonymous
    July 9, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    (comment deleted for violation of commenting rules)

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