It doesn’t grow on trees, can’t buy you love, and the love of it is the root of all kinds of evil, filthy lucre, so why is there so much of it in our local elections? I should think that everyone wants their candidates to be transparent in each and everything they do, especially when it comes to who, how, and where they receive their money from…

Money is so big government, I mean really, who makes the crap…think about it, those who demand less government certainly seem to worship at its money machine, money, money, money… so filthy, and yet, I love you too…buys me food, shelter, clothing and the occasional indulgence.

It also buys elections…those who have it win…flat out win…if it were the singles, fives, and tens of the little folks, those who really need honest representation, need legislation to give them a leg up so they can run to life’s finish line with something like the American dream, well, I could invest in that…so socialistic.

Money creates a caste system…I suppose it’s appropriate that our two biggest American heroes reside on the smaller denominations, because that’s all most of us can fit in our small pockets. Abe and George are the very foundations of our country. Now I’m not knocking Salmon Chase, William McKinley or Grover, but I can’t seem to find them in my house…. they are faceless to most of us…Salmon Chase? Sounds like something the grizzlies do in the great northwest. No, they reside in the big houses, and you can bet that those who provide them shelter know them intimately.

In my meandering sort of way, I’d like to ask all of my leaders to toe the mark, play on a level playing field, let the “people decide.”

Hard Cash, Hard Facts from the last municipal election. Stay tuned!

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