Springs mayor has change of faith

From the The Gazette in Colorado Springs

Mayor wants vote on a TABOR timeout

June 30, 2010 5:16 PM
Daniel Chacón
The Gazette

Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera called Wednesday for a three-year timeout from the part of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that limits how much tax money the city of Colorado Springs can spend as the economy recovers.

Rivera wants a measure on the November ballot that would allow the city to retain what TABOR calls surplus revenue for the city’s 2010-2012 budgets, if there’s a surplus in 2010.

Rivera wants the change because the city’s budget has been shrinking dramatically during the nation’s economic plunge. TABOR sets a revenue cap for the city government that’s based on what have been declining collections of sales and use taxes, meaning it could be years before the city could spend at pre-recession levels. Rivera said such a TABOR timeout would be the only way city government can recover from the economic recession.

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What? One of the faithful turning his back on the tax-cutting god? WHAT? Say it ain’t so.

This quote pretty much says it all:

“I’m a strong supporter of TABOR, but I’m also on record as saying that I don’t think it was handed down on tablets from a burning bush,”


  • You voted it for it but you hedged your bets – ie you knew damn well it didn’t work but that you’d better vote the party line or else and hope that you wouldn’t lose too much support before you could repeal it. Wow. The lack of integrity is obvious. A better campaign slogan might have been: “Vote for me, I’ll only screw you a little”
  • You don’t really belive in the whole tax-cutting mantra, ie you just told teabaggers to kiss off. Bet they love that.
  • It pretty much sucks to have your political philosophy come up your tailpipe like a failed missle and blast your public image so bad you have to apologize publicly. owwwiee
  • TABOR DOESN’T WORK, time for the grownups to drive again.

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