Teabagger Fury Silenced (again)

Local blogger has taken one too many hits?

Longmont’s second-oldest blog (MuskratHunt I was the first) has spawned yet another retread – bringing the total blogs by that author to at least ten. I won’t link to it because in my opinion the person running it is mentally ill (classic narcissism and sociopathy) and who wants to read that?

However, one of the comments took issue with FRL’s commenting policy and I felt it deserved addressing (again).

Dan Martin, teabagger candidate for Boulder County Clerk, sent in two comments – one just rude which was deleted, the second attacking one of our writers. Mr. Martin clearly doesn’t understand that FRL is not the Times-Call where pretty much any lie, libel, or smear will be published freely and only moderated if the person being attacked complains.

FRL has very definite rules about commenting and there is no leeway, for the left or the right. Attack our writers and you’re gone. All of the comments to our site are moderated and abusers are banned. If you want to howl at something, try the moon. We’re not here to help you with your particular brand of angry incoherence.

As for the ‘debate’ Mr. Martin keeps howling for, do it on your own time and your own site. Your own party won’t even recognize you, so why should FRL?

I think it’s funny how the small, angry contingent of far-right screechers attacks FRL for keeping its comment streams free of their hatred. I’ve tried leaving a couple of very polite comments at their blogs and got long, rambling hate-filled personal emails threatening violent retaliation, so their complaints about FRL are pure hypocrisy. I think the public is starting to see that all the anger, hatred and dirty money in Longmont is lined up squarely with the Fab Four on Council: Baum, Santos, Witt and Sammoury.

I encourage the far-right bloggers in Longmont to grow up and spend less time making up clever insults and more time trying to bring the community together. Not holding out a lot of hope for that – they appear to be stuck somewhere in mid high school. But I have hope.

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