Matt Jones for House District 12

Matt Jones 2010

Matt Jones 2010

Residents of Louisville, Lafayette and parts of Longmont have a reason to get excited.  We have an outstanding Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 12. His name is Matt Jones. He is endorsed by our current state representative Paul Weissman and by Cindy Domenico the county commissioner that represents East Boulder County.

They know his vision for Colorado- they agree with it and they know he can get it done.

He knows the importance of access to health care because Matt has experienced a major health crisis without health insurance. It was really hard but he has come out stronger as a result.

He knows the importance of strengthening our Colorado economy and how to tackle Tabor to get it done.

He knows the importance of a good education for all and will work to make it happen.

Vote for Matt Jones in the primary on August 10.  You will be glad you did.