Growing Beyond

Photo by M. Douglas Wray

Our world is a treasure - we must protect it. Photo by M. D. Wray

This is an address at Longmont City Council – Public Invited To Be Heard, July 20, 2010.

You know it’s deeply frustrating, often bewildering and disheartening, to witness such partisan gamesmanship and ideological absoluteness on some issues here in our mutual hometown — quite the mirror image and often identical to the national game of ‘Get the OTHER Guy!’ regardless of consequences.

I hope we are beginning to step out of that ditch.

Last week Congress finally passed financial regulatory reform and consumer credit protection, but the Obama Administration proposed a weak bill which was compromised down and then further crippled at the last minute to let the derivative gamblers off the hook, merely to get the vote of Scott Brown.

But at least we have SOMETHING, weak as it it, so that the next bankster crisis might be somewhat mitigated.

In this slightly collegial mode, Senators Olympia Snow and Susan Collins voted to allow American workers to EAT, even if they can’t find work for a while longer, even as the Billionaires rake in more billions of gambling profits; and Lindsey Graham and even Scott Brown sometimes vote humanely and rationally. But many Democrats also do the corrupt bidding of their Corporate financiers, so our government seldom serves the needs of the people.

But, we live in a world teetering on the edge of social, financial, and ecological collapse.

Regulators do not regulate.

The Rich do not pay for the society they own.

B P and Massey Coal murder their workers and destroy the environment.

Derivative gamblers use OUR money to place bets on OUR homes, and their stocks, and the price of Slave labor in China and Pakistan.

And Senators like John Kyl and James Inhofe say it’s “just fine” if Greenland slides off into the sea, and the Himalayan glaciers melt away.

Whatever Gods you believe in — even the great God of MONEY, which many worship — we’d better start looking out for our planet, or She will shake us off like snakeskin.

We’d better look at our malfunctional economy of insane GREED and the accumulation of social power by BUYING it, instead of earning it by merit — an economy whose ONLY formal value is further accumulation.

We’d better, as Jesus said, care for “the least of these My brethren” or our society will collapse from racist hatred and gun-slinging anarchy; and we’d better learn that Spirituality is the harmonious participation in this breathing, dancing Planet and the caring involvement in society, rather than some abstract set of rules by which you can demonize and exploit and rob “the OTHER Guy.”

Our Charge is to grow beyond our adolescent Narcissism and to become responsible citizens of this Beautiful World,

Who still tries to Nurture us freely,

as long as She can.


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