Tea party ranters spread fear

Dead set on doing damage

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I attended a tea party gathering a few weeks ago. I had to leave after I heard the rhetoric. I thought I should listen to some of the rhetoric to hear for myself what is actually being taught by its spokespeople. I heard some people who were sincere in what they believed was best for our country. Their patriotism was genuine. It was obviously so.

Then I heard the ranters. I shuddered at the unleashed hatred of small minds trying to capture a following of people whose uncertainty might cause them to follow blindly.

I have lived around conservative Republicans all of my life. I am talking about responsible, hard-working people who saved for a rainy day. They don’t in any stretch of the imagination come even close to what this group is preaching. When hate is the underlying force and power under any group’s message, it is dangerous and destructive.

I hope our populace is more enlightened and more endowed with critical thinking and this dark, small minority can’t get a hold of the imagination of the country. I don’t think it will.

Be careful who you follow. This isn’t the way we want to destroy our country. Let’s face it: We have found so many other ways to do that.


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