Mayor Baum, you are a liar.

Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum, lying to the public

Factually challenged or just morally bankrupt?

It’s unfortunate that this has to be said so forcefully and without equivocation, but Mayor Bryan Baum, your statements to the press on Friday, July 23, 2010 leave no other reasonable choice.

Next weekend the Heaven Fest Christian revival and music festival is scheduled at Union Reservoir. This organization and its producer Worship and the Word filed an application for a Use of Public Places permit in November 2009 nearly immediately after the results of the Longmont city council and mayor’s races were known.

In the ensuing months many members of the community appeared before the Longmont City Council and at several different meetings and spoke during Public Invited to be Heard against allowing this event to take place. Still others sent emails to members of the council and city staff objecting to this event being held at Union Reservoir, a sensitive ecosystem for many wildlife species. Concerns came from a broad cross section of the community as well as members of a church and members of the Audubon Society.

Members of the community almost begged the Mayor and Council to take this major policy decision from the hands of Longmont’s City Clerk (and city staff) and deal with it openly and directly. You, Mayor Baum, along with Council Members Gabe Santos, Alex Sammoury and Katie Witt, insisted that the matter could and would be adequately addressed by staff and there was no reason for the Council to make a statement or take a vote on this matter.

On one occasion a 30-minute formal presentation was made to you and council in three-minute consecutive segments by ten members of the community. The presentation covered all aspects of the issue from economic benefits, to quality of life issues including traffic and noise, to the environmental and wildlife impact.

The effort and presentation was roundly ignored. But it certainly was not minimal and, yes, it certainly was vocal.

Yet you, Mayor Baum, are quoted as follows in the Times-Call in Saturday’s article, ludicrously titled “City is closer to heaven.”

Here is what you said:

He [Baum] added that a “vocal minority” has voiced concerns about the festival but “nobody [emphasis added] brought those concerns to any council members to bring up at council meetings.”

“If there was a great dislike or disdain for what was going on, we wouldn’t be doing it,” he said.

These were not misquotes, nor misunderstandings, as The Denver Post reported the same content in a more abbreviated article.

Mayor Baum, you intentionally lied about what is a matter of public record. It is in council minutes, on the video recordings of council meetings on DVDs at the library and the council meetings were broadcast several times by Comcast on then-Channel 3. There is a record “everywhere” of what took place.

Why you would think lies of this magnitude and so easily verifiable would go unnoticed and be accepted defies comprehension. Are you a pathological liar or are you psychologically challenged in some other way? Or are you simply a man with no moral compass and no comprehension of ethics?

You have a demonstrated history of insulting members of the public and fellow-members of this city council, sometimes openly and sometimes in private. You have a demonstrated history of throwing a tantrum when votes do not go your way. You have a demonstrated history of retaliating against same.

You, Mayor Baum, lack the honesty and integrity necessary to serve this city. Resign, and let us begin to repair the damage you continue to cause.

  5 comments for “Mayor Baum, you are a liar.

  1. SAM
    July 27, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    You reap what you sow…. This mayor is hurting our community.

  2. July 28, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Well, the ‘controlling four’ proved that they simply refuse to listen to the community. The Council chamber was overflowing with citizens opposed to the airport expansion and the dispensary ban. Hours of passionate speeches. Ignored. They’re going ahead with the (I believe) illegal expansion of the airport. Between that and the shady HeavenFest stunts this group of elite-servers is spitting all over the citizens of Longmont. Is it time for a recall yet?

  3. 2 Sons
    July 28, 2010 at 9:32 am

    The arrogance of Baum will be his own downfall. Now he is a PROVEN liar….

  4. July 28, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    BOO! Where did I come from this time?

  5. July 28, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    The comment above is obviously from someone in Longmont’s Lunatic Fringe of far-right attack dogs. These same unprincipled people have made insulting remarks about IP addresses not being reliable sources of identification. That’s partly true – if the person is a hacker and using a ‘proxy’ to CONCEAL THEMSELVES. This is the quality of the people supporting our mayor: masked thugs and cyber terrorists. This fits in with the anonymous smears and hate websites like that supported Baum and Co. Same goes for Mayor Baum, Katie Witt, Gabe Santos and Alex Sammoury have been closely associated with unsavory elements of Longmont’s GOP underground who have been waging a campaign of character assassination against their political opponents while the Councilmembers feign innocence. I believe Longmont’s mayor is sanctioning and participating in unethical and illegal attacks on citizens – he should admit his guilt and resign immediately. Longmont deserves better than this kind of Karl Rove politics of personal destruction. However, the mayor and his supporters are liars who will do anything to retain power and comments like the one above are presented as proof that civil dialog is impossible for these people. They need to be removed from our city’s government with all possible speed.

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