Media losing respect and credibility

From the Sunlight Foundation:

By Paul Blumenthal on 07/27/10 @ 11:52 am

A blogger with an actual name–Andrew Breitbart–posts an edited video that leads to the firing of an employee at the U.S. Department of Agriculture–Shirley Sherrod–due to the constant media pressure from Fox News and other mainstream television outfits.

When the full, unedited video came to light, Sherrod was vindicated. Despite this, Breitbart refused to apologize, constantly shifting his rationale for releasing the edited video. All of this happened and now CNN talking heads are calling for a “gatekeeper” to watch over anonymous bloggers. They want to regulate anonymous blogging:

“There are so many great things that the internet does and has to offer, but at the same time, Kyra, as you know, there is this dark side,” Roberts said. “Imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t taken a look at what happened with Shirley Sherrod and plumbed the depths further and found out that what had been posted on the internet was not in fact reflective of what she said.”

This is the proverbial canary in a coal mine for Progressive organizers – when muck-rakers like Breitbart can disrupt government operations it’s time to examine how much influence the far right has over the media.

The Longmont Times-Call’s policy of not moderating their public website comments encourages vicious attacks with complete immunity for the attacker(s?).  The number of anonymous ‘handles’ has grown dramatically and any time a Progressive speaks up there are numerous hateful and insulting remarks made. The key thing to remember is that ALL of these ‘handles’ could easily be the same person registering numerous times* to ‘catapult the rhetoric’ – as Dubya used to say.

I’d like to encourage our readers to register at the Times-Call’s website using their own names as a ‘handle’ and speak out against this form of hard-right bullying. You will find me there as ‘MDouglasWray’ and I welcome your active support.

As always, you’re welcome to speak out here at FreeRangeLongmont.

If you’ve sent something to the Times-Call and they declined to print it, please send it to us. Also, if you’ve had something printed by the Times-Call and you feel it was edited in some way to dilute your message, send us  a scan of the printed version and what you originally submitted. We’ll publish both to show what you meant to say and what the TC let the public see.

The public deserves to know when for-pay media is filtering the public’s words.

* possibly with the Times-Call’s active assistance

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