Guess who! A limerick or two

There was a hairpiece from the glade
Who lived well and sure had it made;
But when called to account
He would turn to his mount,
And use his gratuitous blade.

A gilded figure from Poway
Had got used to have everything his way.
When confronted or locked
He annoyed, huffed or blocked
While posing his expensive toupee’ .

A person who leads by design
Is content if we just toe the line;
But if we disagree
He’ll incise at the knee,
And our principles all redefine!
There once was a boy from a frat:
A fright when engaged in a spat!
He’d rant and degrade,
And he’d pout and upbraid,
And just act like the consummate brat.

— F. Bates / 2010

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