The graphic being referenced

Follow The Money - who's behind the 4C development

Many thanks to anonymous pseudonym BIL* at the Times-Call blog in Longmont, CO for pointing to this photo!

However what you’re being told by BIL is a flat-out lie.

This graphic shows the relationship of the various players in the LifeBridge/4C/Union scheme. It graphically depicts the flow of money and makes clear who the 4C really is what interests are behind the Union development. This chart was so devastating because all of the information on it was from public sources – something the 4C developers tried hard to hide.

The WIIFL group proved that community organizers CAN make a BIG difference, despite tons of money and smear and possibly the clandestine assistance of a town newspaper.

You can find a high-quality PDF of this chart at:

and a more concise version here:
* one of the anonymous sockpuppets – all of whom could be (and I believe are) one person – acting with the express approval and support of the paper’s management.

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