McInnis wanted more

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Buried scoop by Chieftain: McInnis wanted to extend his $300,000 fellowship
by: Jason Salzman
Sun Aug 08, 2010 at 10:21:35 AM MDT

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You’ll find your perfect Sunday reading material in the Pueblo Chieftain today.

It’s about the relationship between Scott McInnis and Malik Hasan that led to the Hasan Family Foundation giving McInnis a two-year $300,000 fellowship to write and speak about Colorado water issues.

You won’t find too much that’s earth-shattering in the piece, even though a lot of it is illuminating, but one bit of information came out that deserved its own headline: McInnis wasn’t satisfied with his two-year $300,000 deal from the Hasan foundation. He wanted to extend it for a year, according to Hasan.

Good grief.

There really appears to be no lower limit for greed when it comes to this man.

Makes one wonder what’s next.

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