Burst that bubble, Boulder

I’m one of the left wing progressives that did attend Heavenfest. I went out to see for myself what all of the hubbub was about. I arrived at 2 PM and left at 9 PM There were not 40,000 people there, perhaps there were half that. While I was concerned about the environment, I am more concerned about the long range effects that so many right-wing believers will have on Boulder County… citizens of Boulder should take note.

Most of these folks vote Republican, hate taxes, hate big government, hate open space, but love building on every parcel of land that becomes available to them. Take note of Rocky Mountain Christian in Niwot and LifeBridge in Longmont. They believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible which stands at odds with everything a free society should support. They also vote their values and they do vote.

Boulder sits in a bubble, liberal, proud, but very much asleep to what is happening around them.  Did you know there are many conservatives in Longmont who favor leaving Boulder and forming their own county?

One of these days the tax increases for open space, environmental causes, and social causes that you hold so dear will be put to the test by the growing conservative power to the north. The progressive candidates that you support will find it more difficult to be elected.

Those Christians at Heaven Fest are such nice folks.but.this is a battle of ideas, not just the environment… WAKE UP!

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