Is it really insurance?

Or might it be a fleecing?

I tend to be rather healthy most of the time. That may be a very good thing. There was a dental claim submitted from my household recently, to one of the major “insurance” carriers. I use quotation marks because real insurance would not have conditions. It would have a payment formula and scale, and perhaps — just perhaps — every doctor and practitioner in America would not need to hire people just to fight with “insurance” companies, but instead could hire persons who supply (can you stand this?) HEALTH CARE!

What? Health care? What’s that? Do I mean to say practitioners’ costs could go down, were there no need to go to war with these citizens of the sewer? You betcha. Thanks, Sarah. Our “insurance” carrier stated, in its explanation of “benefits,” that IN THEIR OPINION, there was an alternative to filling dental caries near the gum line. Like what? Leaving them alone? Then this “insurance” company might be asked to help pay for a crown, or extraction? Does that make sense? Some “insurance” executive must have some stock options creeping into the money, or there’s this second house in Aspen he’s eyeing. Whatever; this is precisely why RADICAL health reform was AND IS STILL NEEDED in the USA.

If tea-party types think the current system is so wonderful, I’d like to know where the get THEIR “insurance.” We could all benefit if they would stoop to share. But those who oppose this reform are blind, rich, or stupid. And I don’t think any of those choices appeals to me. So let’s start a real reform of the reform, and line up these “insurance” companies against the wall.

To do otherwise is to capitulate. Whether to the “insurance” companies or the tea party, doesn’t matter. But something RADICAL should be done, and NOW. I’m not to the point of Molotov cocktails, but I’m close. “Insurance” companies substituting their “judgment” for the professional opinion and training of medical practitioners is no different from the Taliban substituting their “way” for modern (Islamic) principles. I don’t know about you, but I’m THROUGH surrendering power to these charlatans who know about as much about health care as I do about dentistry. The fact that both hurt helps not at all.

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