Going after the statuesque

There are times when I have to thank the Tea Party for bringing so much laughter into my life.

This comment at the Times-Call is a classic and needs no further introduction:

In fifty years I’ve never seen a Mayor, Governor, Congressman or Senator standing against the statuesque for the betterment of Colorado and the U.S. – where his proven wisdom will support the healing of Colorado. The intrepid Tom Tancredo is our modern-day hero with genuine integrity, unafraid to take on all iniquities in the affairs of Colorado. He’s unafraid to dismiss the ongoing practices that’s suffocated employment and is intolerant of NAFTA that swallows our jobs. He’s a defender of the Constitution of The United States, your rights and he’s unafraid to go after the statuesque. Tom Tancredo stands a Mile High above the corruption of a run-away-government!

LonePuma, Denver, CO, 9/5/2010 9:21 AM