Littwin: the GOP’s great governor giveaway

Mike Littwin at the Denver Post has a great article about Maes and the CO GOP.

To whet your appetite, here’s a few snips:

It seems as if the Republicans didn’t want to offend the Tea Partyers before the primary vote by explaining that their favored candidate was a flim-flammer whose whole campaign could be played out as a political sequel to “The Music Man,” only with more noise than music.

and this:

GOP chairman Dick Wadhams’ statement/temper tantrum on Maes’ refusal to drop out is a classic in the genre. Wadhams blasts Maes and Tom Tancredo for handing the race to John Hickenlooper, who he concedes will handily win. Let’s just say that Maes has officially replaced macaca as Wadhams’ least-favorite “M” word.