Tea Partiers = American Taliban

Hat tip to Say It Ain’t So Already

Tom Ross, Delaware GOP Chair, Threatened with “Bullet in the Head:

The chairman of the Delaware Republican Party received a death threat last week over his support for Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del) over Tea Party challenger Christine O’Donnell…

The threat, issued in the form of an email, told chairman Tom Ross that he deserves “a bullet in the head” for backing “political ass-kissing RINO’s”…

The Taliban assassinates people in Afghanistan if they don’t toe the party line.  Tea Partiers are heading down that road here.


So that love affair the far right politicians have with the gun nuts may not be such a great thing after all… especially when they’re violent, unprincipled thugs. How’s that ‘freedom to bear arms’ workin for ya? Not so good it appears.

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