It ain’t over until…and no one is singing

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Who's behind the mask?

Pundits on the left. Pundits on the right. Pundits all over the place. These days the punditry can both masquerade as “news” and be reported as “news.”

The Republicans are energized. The Democrats lack enthusiasm. Whatever “side” they are on, they have one thing in common, that they are all self-declared prognosticators who know how the election is going to turn out before it even occurs. Sometimes it reminds me of little boys in the restroom challenging one another. I win. No, I win.

Hey, digging in and doing the research — that’s boring. It takes too much time and it might spoil both my story line and the outcome I’m predicting.

Robert Creamer (I guess you could call him a pundit, too.) actually did some interesting research on a number of House races across the country. In Time for the Pundits to Take a Deep Breath he details some interesting information on 18 House seats in play.

It’s way too early to call this game. Why? Most voters are just now starting to pay close attention — to the issues, to the arguments, to the candidates.

Although many voters are decidedly unhappy and anxious, polling shows that they don’t see Republicans as the answer. They hold the Republicans’ allies — Wall Street, insurance companies, America’s big business corporations — in vastly greater disdain than Democrats. And in spite of all the generic polling, elections are choices between individuals.

Democrats have the edge on the ground game. The wild card is, of course, the fallout from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that declared corporations to be people with free speech rights. Corporate cash is likely to flood the airwaves. Will it work? Or will the voter rebel?

So turn off the talking heads and take the news and newspapers with a grain of salt. Help the voters do their homework. Talk to the voters about the issues and the consequences of their choices.

Republican “establishment” candidates have been falling like flies. The GOP is now the GOTP.

Handlers will polish up the offerings of the Grand Old Tea Party voters. At a minimum, these candidates will backtrack on their statements and play the victim card. Tell the voters what these GOTP’er candidates don’t want them to know. And above all, GOTV (Get out the Vote).

Make sure that Congress (House and Senate) doesn’t become the Tea Party’s institutional Cuckoo’s Nest.

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