National Tea Party “Unity Convention” — CANCELED

From SayItAintSoAlready:

Remember back in late June/early July when the National Tea Party canceled its Las Vegas “Unity Convention” because the organizers didn’t realize it got so hot in Vegas in the summertime?

And remember how they rescheduled it for October 14 – 16?

Well, the good people over at Raven Books decided to check in to see how things were going and lo and behold, the convention’s website no longer exists and any plans for a convention seem to have evaporated:

Well it gets better. I wanted to make sure the convention really was canceled and they weren’t just having web issues or neglected to do any PR for their event. So I put in a call to the Mirage hotel and asked if I could book a room in their block for the event. Turns out the room block had been canceled and the Mirage had no record of the event.

So, despite the fact that the “liberal” media is obsessing about this massive, never-seen-anything-like-it “grassroots” movement — they can’t put together a convention?

What does that tell you and interesting, isn’t it, that the media isn’t reporting this?

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