Go ahead, “Hurt the kids”

There it is, cold-blooded and hard-hearted as the worst of the far-right lunatic fringe can be:

From the comments on the Times-Call online article: School boards oppose tax cuts (all emphasis by editor)

We didn’t have these Taj Mahal buildings, and we learned so much more. We didn’t need to go to community college to finish a high school equivalency. You simply demand more from the kids, and they will meet those demands. Ask any coach. This time, I’ll go for the “devastation”, and “hurt the kids”. I’m voting for the cuts, and I’ll do anything I can to see those unions busted.

GrandpaJones, longmont, co, 9/19/2010 8:02 AM

The CO GOP wants to go back to the 1800s

I wonder if this conservative ‘hero’ would be so bold if their remarks could be traced back to them. Somehow I doubt it.

This nonstop howling for ‘the good old days’ is nothing more than reductionism at its very, very worst.

‘Grandpa Jones’ is no doubt one of the overfed, comfortably-well-off teahadists that regularly opine for the good old days and staunchly refuses to open their eyes that the world has changed – and continues to change.

Also, the idea that teachers are a dime-a-dozen harks back to the days of the one-room schoolhouse and is simply ignorance in its full and odiferous flower.

But remember this – when you hear people yelling ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ keep in mind that its your child they’re referring to when these faceless and gutless thugs yell “hurt the kids”.

Say no to the terrible three.

Proof that Grandpa Jones and ‘nickshaver’ are the same person – their own comment, added to the TC story two days after our story posted:

I’ve been honored by the “editor” of a self appointed blog claiming to be a “newspaper”, and I thank thee: http://www.freerangelongmont.com/2010/09/19/go-ahead-hurt-the-kids/

nickshaver, longmont, co, 9/21/2010 12:09 AM

Um, you should double-check your pseudonyms ‘nick‘ – ‘Grandpa Jones‘ was the original commenter. Could this be a certain far-far-far right Longmont blogger posting under two different pseudonyms? Sure looks like it to me. The public is advised to consider the strong likelyhood that ‘all those posts‘ are being written by one very bitter, angry and heavily-paid GOP operative.

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