Loud pipes don’t help Tanc

We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man.
— Peter Fonda, The Wild Angels, 1966

Born to be child

Tom rides the same way he legislates - no helmet

The Denver Post reports that gubenatorial hopeful Tom Tancredo pulled a savage brody today on South Broadway after allegedly being cut off by another motorist (I’m waiting to see the police report – if one ever materializes).

Tancredo, who ironically sponsored legislation that made wearing a helmet voluntary, wasn’t wearing one and miraculously escaped injury despite his only protection being a t-shirt and blue jeans. So much for the ‘loud pipes’ theory.

Tancredo is 64 years old.

We’re to believe that a man of that age who doesn’t have the wits to wear proper protection while riding a very large and powerful motorcycle in heavy urban traffic is somehow qualified to be governor of the state?

Tancredo was quoted as saying: “She just didn’t see me.”

He had the same problem with Wadhams and he clearly didn’t learn from that road-rash either.

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