Standing Tall

The tone of the rhetoric from the rightwing lunatic fringe on the Longmont Times-Call article comments is growing nastier and nastier. Police officers recognize this escalation as a prelude to violence. However, the Times-Call has a ‘publish first and moderate by complaint’ system so hate speech and angry screeds against their political opponents appear while moderate responses are removed.

One commenter in particular, ‘BIL’ has a vicious tone that rings of the angry insult-laden screeds from some particularly repellent Longmont hate-bloggers:

Mr Wray, you and former council candidate Kaye Fissinger are the biggest harassers of the mayor (and his wife) on your piece o crapola website.

“Piece o crapola” ? Why, that’s not very civil.

Want to bet that comment isn’t removed from the Times-Call?

BIL seems to be allowed to violate the Times-Call’s Terms of Service regularly and yet continue posting. In my opinion it’s abundantly obvious to the casual observer why: it’s being condoned.

So far I’ve seen at least three ‘handles’ that are direct attacks on me:

NotSoBonita” – a particularly hateful slash at my recently-deceased wife’s middle name (Marilyn Bonita Wray) – for those not familiar with Spanish, ‘Bonita’ means ‘beautiful’ – this user’s handle is calling my lost dearly beloved ugly. You can’t really get any worse. Stunningly puerile and scurrilous.

macnwebguru” – an attempt to confuse my personal website domain – with hateful remarks. This user is most certainly not me – I’ve only ever used my own name M. Douglas Wray.

and recently “Peggotty, Wray” is attempting to link me to the user name Peggotty, whom I am not.

The Times-Call management has been informed (more than once) and received formal requests to disable these accounts but thus far have not. Again, it does appear that this veiled smear attack is being condoned. Could it have something to do with the Times-Call ownership?

I know there are a lot of good people in Longmont horrified at what their city government has become and the cause sits in plain sight at the Council dias. Mr. Santos himself started this war with his “Let the attacks begin” email and with the help of unsavory elements he’s dragged the discourse in Longmont into the gutter, encouraging vicious, unprincipled partisans to lie, libel and smear with the willing assistance of Longmont’s oligarchy.

The truth will not be silenced regardless of how much money or hatred is brought to bear.

Free Range Longmont is here to stay and to keep Longmont’s voters informed of the nature of the ‘supporters’ behind “the controlling four.”

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