Banjo music

Anonymous pseudonyms are so useful for hiding your identity when you just want to spew hate. Trouble is, if your target doesn’t care to be your poo-flinging victim it just looks sad. For example, someone using the fake name ‘Grandpa Jones’ (we’ve featured it before) seems to think my user account (M. Douglas Wray) at the Times-Call has been ‘canned.’

I regret to inform this particular howler that my access is still just fine. I just had better things to do till just now… unlike them:

I know, dootie. Go ahead, hurt the children. I’m with red on this one. This is just another liberal joke where you need 100 people working for the government to “help” 20 needy families. They probably recruit them from other counties to help create liberal jobs. So, at least the TC finally canned dooties account for awhile. I was getting tired of him lifting all our posts and claiming we’re all out to get him. What a joke.
GrandpaJones, longmont, co, 9/28/2010 1:34 PM

I never said ‘they were all out to get me’ – just a tiny cabal of angry partisans who desperately spend hours every day stomping their feet and looking for new ways to make fun of my name.

It’s no problem, I enjoy banjo music.

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