Mr. Webster’s Wife

From the ColoradoPols article:

Post to publish clarification that GOP CO House candidate Webster shot at ex-wife; Fox should also

(excerpted from Pols article)

In 1991 Webster shot two bullets at his ex-wife and someone else, and he eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and felony menacing (which The Post had reported).

Interviewed by Fox 31 last night, Webster claimed he only threatened to fire a gun at his ex-wife. But the police record shows that this is not true.


Faux News ‘editing’ the story to hide the FACT that a GOP candidate for Colorado House District 24 fired a gun at his ex-wife.

So the GOP is the party of God, Guns and Gullibility now?

How is this psycho still running?

Oh, right, it’s 1920 in Colorado.

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