“Bunch of Kooks”

Bill Sanders has a great entry on his blog today:

Against The Grain– chapter fifteen

(This is an excerpt from my new book, that deals with the extremeists that were active in the period 1963-64)

I felt this entry was apropo considering what’s been going on in Longmont recently. -frl

As I sat there making some preliminary sketches, I heard a commotion and the loud clatter of a something crashing to the floor. Looking up I saw a uniformed postman wading past reporter’s desks, knocking off papers and inboxes. He had his mail bag over one shoulder and was shoving objects and people out of his path as he headed directly towards me with a fixed glare in his eyes. Chasing several feet behind him was our security guard.

About halfway through his charge, the man reached into his mailbag. My first thought was that he had a gun. My second thought was this drawing board is not going to stop a bullet. My third thought was get behind the filing cabinet, you dummy—which I did.

The security guard caught the man just as he got a few feet from me. As the guard yanked him by his neck to a stop, the man’s hand pulled a sheaf of papers from his bag and threw them in my direction, yelling “Put these in the paper you son-of-a-bitch!”The papers scattered and wafted into the air where they hung momentarily suspended until they fluttered to the floor like large snowflakes. They turned out to be copies of white supremacist cartoons. I picked up one to examine it. It depicted a large black man leering as he choked a little white girl.

Sanders goes on to describe the subtle pressures put on him to stop criticizing Goldwater and it resonates very much with the kind of bias we’re now seeing in Colorado newspapers.

It’s a great article that details the depth of the hatred that swirls around far-right-wing politics.

However, this final paragraph is extremely telling and shows me that the CO GOP has been co-opted much the same way:

Ironically, the Goldwater that Republicans embraced in 1964 and was the darling of the right wing extremists—said, in 1989, that the Republican Party had been taken over by a “ bunch of kooks!”

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