Wrongmont loves Gessler

Scott Gessler

He always seems to be sweating...

One of the plaintiffs in a carefully-timed lawsuit, represented by Scott Gessler, is now shilling for him shamelessly. Of course it would be shameless – the person involved is none other than Mr. Wrongmont – Longmont’s original hate blogger. Not satisfied with endless attacks and smears in the Times-Call article comments he’s now attacking Gessler’s opponent Bernie Buescher.

Gessler is a political thug in the pocket of Longmont’s wealthy oligarchy. It’s a good thing he has wealthy friends* because he’s been blowing money like a drunken sailor.

* Note past far-right mayors Leona Stoecker and Julia Pirnack as well as others in these photos taken at an event at the Primerica office in downtown Longmont:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623429538124″]

(Mr. & Mrs. Wrongmont were there too but readers have been spared that horror)

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