Teeny Tiny Tanc Tassel

Tom Tancredo - tiny constituency

"Teeny" just about covers it

Tom “Tanc” Tancredo showed up in Longmont this past Friday to press the flesh and snarf down some yummy pancakes at the Ken Pratt IHOP (they have wonderful food and terriffic service, IMHO).

So let’s see… last census of Longmont shows 71,093 residents. Let’s play with some numbers: if you assume that even half of those people are registered voters you’ve got roughly 35,000. Be generous and say that half of them are Republicans, so 17,500. Be generous and say that half of them vote, so 8,750. So… a spitball estimate of the amount of support being shown: 2%.


Not even a ‘fringe‘ – more like a… tassel.

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