Green power getting green light

The Boulder Reporter has a great article about green power:

It’s a global work party for environment

One day after the New York Times reported that the U.S. military was going “green” with a goal of 50% from solar and renewables by 2020, and the Obama Administration announced that it was putting solar panels on the White House, I took a look at the next generation of solar.

It seems that just when key decision-makers, and investors, are finally turning the corner to accept this decades-old technology, the solar industry is poised to take another leap forward.

It’s going thin-film. It’s going hybrid. It’s finding a way to maximize a minimum amount of silicon and concentrate it. And investors are taking notice. In California, in a recent round of funding, one company, Solaria, was able to raise $10 million more than they were asking for.

In Colorado and elsewhere, investors are betting their money on rooftop solar systems. They are pooling their money to fund the upfront equipment and installation costs then financially benefit from the long-term energy savings. In essence, they’re “renting” the rooftops to collect and distribute solar energy.

That’s innovative thinking. And we could go a whole lot farther. The $600 billion that currently goes to fund the U.S. military could drive the exponential growth of solar and alternative energy. It could fund millions of new jobs, underwrite innovation and accelerate the movement of solar into every sector of the American marketplace.

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