Gessler’s car wreck

Scott Gessler - car wreck waiting to happen

Colorado Ethics Watch has this:

Complaint against Buescher dismissed
By Charles Ashby, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel,
October 12, 2010

While a complaint against Secretary of State Bernie Buescher has been dismissed, a new one has risen against his opponent.

Late last month, Republican attorney Robert McGuire filed a complaint against Buescher on behalf of Nickellette Bigham-Gullette, a former GOP candidate for Adams County Clerk. In it he said Buescher used his executive assistant in the Secretary of State’s Office to schedule campaign events and misused the state seal.

Full story at the Grand Junction Sentinel

Good quote from Buescher:

“This complaint is an extreme example of politics at its worst,” Buescher said in a statement Tuesday. “Voters deserve better than these slash and burn tactics that aren’t even grounded in reality. As the state grapples with economic challenges and reduced spending, these complaints only tie up the judicial system and lead to government waste.”

So the tax-and-waste-fighting ‘heroes’ are actually causing waste and tying up the judicial system.

Golly. You’d think our local accountability czar would be all over that.


Not so much.

In fact while he went to great lengths to excoriate Jack Pommer over $40K in late filing fees, calling into question his honesty, etc, etc, blah blah blah, yap yap yap… apparently he didn’t think $500K in fines owed for three years merited his keen accountability reporting skills.

Yep, $500,000* in fees owed to the state. For three years. What group could be that skeevy? Who other than the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of Colorado. That irony is so thick you could cut it with a complimentary window scraper.

Ellen Dumm, executive director of Campaign for a Strong Colorado had this to say about Gessler:

“Gessler failed to meet basic deadlines and (represents) a committee that is more than two years overdue,” she said. “Gessler in the Secretary of State’s office would be like a fox guarding the henhouse.

Hmm. That is ironic…

It’s ironic that someone noted for spending like a drunken sailor is mixed up in a huge monetary mess involving shiny-suited fast-talkers and late filings – not to mention other unsavory activities – and he wants to be the guy who oversees the state’s budget.

And his dear, dear pal who shills for him is a close friend of our uncivil mayor and his hard-blogging partisan wife. Oh, and they’re both linked to Western Tradition Partnership, a fount of dirty money that’s already done far too much damage to our Council.

Oh yeah, that’s going to work out well for Longmont.

* that’s half a million to you industrial realtor types who whine and kvetch about car dealerships having trouble working with the city. Maybe if they dealt in good faith things would go smoother.

  3 comments for “Gessler’s car wreck

  1. Gregory Iwan
    October 16, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Well, we have been warned. Often. A snake won’t bite a car dealer out of professional courtesy. My hope is that I outlive “Dealin'” Doug Moreland, the quintessential of the type. If you think trouble ensues when you buy a car, just watch the fun when you go for service. OF COURSE, TO THOSE ON THE RIGHT OF THE SPECTRUM, PROLIFERATION OF AUTOMOBILES IS A (the) SIGN OF “FREEDOM.” To or from what? Movement, to buy stuff? Can restrain that. Freedom of choice (as the late George Wallace was fond of saying, ad nauseam)? More “choices” means more revenue, but not for you, my apprentice Jedi. Tack on more ten-cent “accessories” and lift the asking price by thirty dollars; that’s how the game can be played. But the consumer (recipient of the Vaseline clause) has MORE CHOICES! Voila! Economy cured. The only social VALUE with any VALUE is being social. If our object is for each of us to be a country of one, e pluribus unum is just a carved slogan. But at least such a citizen can do whatever he wants. He’s his own zoning authority! He supplies all his own needs (and no one else’s)! He does not affect his neighbors, who are also citizens of individual countries). Oops.

  2. October 21, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Republican candidate Scott Gessler admitted in comments to The Colorado Statesman that he “may have” had input into the campaign finance complaint filed by McGuire. He said McGuire, the attorney filing the complaint, is a friend and that he was aware that McGuire had contributed to his campaign.

    Democratic candidate Bernie Buescher told The Statesman that “Scott views this as a game, and it’s not.” Buescher was being gentlemanly and kind in that assessment.

    Gessler had sent out an e-mail regarding the complaint shortly after it was filed. The time/date stamps of the complaint submission and the mysterious email from a mysterious individual to the press suggests a typical Gessler dirty trick to try to smear political adversaries.

    Scott Gessler’s long list of actions and associations indicate that he is a man who chose to practice election law in order to use it as a partisan tool. The man lacks the integrity and honesty to protect the votes of the people of Colorado.

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